PC Pocket-Knife
This Windows tool was made to simplify required maintenance, and security tasks. Also, includes a wide range of tweaks, workarounds, and fixes for the Windows OS. Other features include Cllpboard Manager, Password Manager, Safe Web Browser, Start up Application Manager, Update Monitor, and much much more. The best part is it is completely free. All that I ask is that you please donate.

In Development

  • PC Pocket-Knife 

  • Smith & Carr, P.C. Website

  • Email Extractor for all operating systems

  • Invoice Printer/Accounting Software (For impact printers like EPSON, for businesses that need carbon copies.)

  • Drive Router Pro (For routing delivery drivers that have to make more than 2 stops.)

  • BTC Lottery and Game Helper

  • Inbox Dollars Helper and Worker Bot


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