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In case you didn't know I am a gamer at heart. That is where all of my passion for programming comes from. Here I will post many games that I find on the internet. I do not support illegally downloading full versions of video games as that is the most disrespectful thing any human being could do, instead here are some great games that I remember from my past that no body cares about anymore.

DOS Games

If you do not know how to play these DOS games on a more current Windows PC, I wrote a how-to article about it here...

Duke Nukem 'Shrapnel City' - by ID Software.

Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition - trail blazing FPS game by ID Software.

Commander Keen - Marooned on Mars - by Apogee

Wing Commander - Space flight sim type game.

DOOM II 'Hell on Earth' - Paved the way for every single FPS out today.

Lemmings - Addicting puzzle game.

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