Jul 12, 2015

Use Teamviewer to Access Clients Computer From Behind Firewalls

People ask me all of the time why I still have Teamviewer on my PC if I use Remote Desktop. I like Teamviewer because I can get access to anyone's PC (with permission of course) once they install/run the software and give me their Teamviewer ID, and personal password. Why is this easier than remote desktop? I don't have to walk people through allowing RDP connections through the firewall, or where to turn it on. Teamviewer works from behind firewalls. I don't have to worry about any given client's network setup, or connection for that matter. This makes things very easy to setup, especially if your client is not familiar with remote desktop or Teamviewer. Basically, its remote desktop, for people that don't understand how to setup remote desktop from behind their router or firewall, or that don't have the access to make those changes. The connection to your client's computer is not based on their IP address at all. This makes it easy for them to share their Teamviewer ID, and password over the phone, both of which are generated upon starting the software.

The new version of teamviewer will let you give someone access to your PC without having to install it on your operating system at all. All you have to do is run the setup (with administrator permissions) and select that you want to run it without installing. This makes the entire Teamviewer process a snap, and completely free for anyone. If you need help with your computer, data recovery or virus removal, shoot me an email. I will connect to your PC with Teamviewer, and I will do all I can to do whatever it is you need me to do. Send me an email, and ill give you a free quote of what it might cost. Don't worry I am here to help people. If you have tried to get your solution solved with other IT professionals, and the prices or outrages, or they just won't help you, then give me a shot and let me know your problem. I just might be able to help you at a fraction of what the other guys are charging. Shoot me an email anytime to my cellphone my email is: bizong AT gmail DOT com

The only downside is that if you use any Windows Server version, they immediately force you to signup for a paid license. They won't let you select the option 'use teamviewer for personal use' It is not too big of a deal though, if you are setting up a Windows Server, you probably setup the firewall and switch as well, so you can easily just turn on RDP. However, it would have been nice to temporarily give a customer access to your server to view anything you wanted to show them, and then just turn off Teamviewer so that you didn't have to worry about sharing Windows credentials. That is just nitpicking however...Teamviewer is a great tool for any IT consultant and should be used more often in my opinion. The IT pro world is so convoluted with stuck up people, that aren't too happy with change, unless forced.

Do you need Live Help on your Windows PC?

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